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"Under the Hill" HISTORY

The "Under-the-Hill" area once contained all of Natchez, i.e. about 20 buildings at the time of the U.S. revolutionary war. Gradually houses were built on the bluffs above, an "Upper Town" emerged, and eventually the center of Natchez shifted.

The Natchez Bluffs and Under-the-Hill Historic District is a 75-acre (30 ha) historic district.

River Edge Suites @ 41 Silver Street

is located in the Historic District of

“Natchez Under the Hill”

and right on the banks of the mighty

Mississippi River.

The district's primary historic assets are the Natchez landing site ("Under the Hill") and, on the bluff above, a city park area which includes the site of the second French Fort Rosalie, built during 1730-34. The landing site area was where the Natchez Trace began. The area was frequented by gamblers, river pirates, highwaymen, and prostitutes and was described, in 1810, as a place such that "'...for the size of it, there is not, perhaps in the world, a more dissipated spot.'"

The River Edge Suites

property consists of

three, newly furnished suites

with spectacular river views.

Each features large bedrooms,

en-suite baths, living rooms,

and full kitchens.


Historical data sourced from: Wikipedia

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